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A day with strong wind

Woke up late and was amazingly feeling good again. No more high temperature. The shin felt better.



I went to the largest pharmacist in town and got Ibux painkillers and a thick cream. Painkillers for the shin, and cream for my heel and two fingers. The climate is getting very dry. So dry that my skin is cracking up making for semi painful cuts in the skin. From now on I’ll be massaging thick cream on my heel so the skin doesn’t crack even more.

The walk today went better than I had hoped for. The shin hurt a little in the beginning but warmed up and stopped complaining. Although I kept a watchful eye on it, I was able to walk until one hour after it got dark.

Big thanks to sister Tone to whom I spoke to yesterday. She lifted my spirit and gave hints to help the shin problem. Many thanks Tone.

26 kilometres today

Small observation – ever since I got to Liaoning when I ask for a Gong bao ji ding, they say they have it, but then come back and say they don’t have chicken, but would I like another meat. I would of course, but it’s strange that consistently they don’t have chickens at the ready. I walk past lots of chickens every day 🙂 Perhaps they don’t use chicken that much in Liaoning?

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