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Are airports in the United States the worst to travel to?

Yesterday I received an email from a British traveller who had a nightmare time at JFK airport with the TSA. The rant went on for a few paragraphs but he ended off by saying that the United States is the worst country to fly to.



Are airports in the United States the worst to travel to?

Underhand treatment by the TSA

Over the years I have received a fair number of email rants and blog comments about the strict, sometimes underhand treatment by the TSA, but having only travelled to the United States once, I cannot say it is any worse than airports in Europe.

Security in airports is important

At the end of the day, surely security is important, and if the TSA are consistent then that’s fine? My only gripe is that we now have to pay a “tourist fee” through the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) program.

Experiences travelling to and from the United States

Have you travelled by air to the United States much, either as an international passenger or internal flight? What did you think of the experience, and what could the TSA do to make the journey less stressful?

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