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Arrive at Hushan Great Wall tomorrow

Today was a half day, and I’m grateful for that. My many marathon stretches through Liaoning Province seem to be catching up with me. Hard to get up in the mornings, and I almost fall asleep at the dinner table in the evenings.



Today was very good walking-wise. Not so cold. Beautiful terrain to be walking through, and the Dandong signs have been replaced by Hushan signs which is my final destination!

When I was walking in Beijing Municipality several months ago, I was contacted by Vivian who invited me to stay at the hotel where she works in Dandong. We have had regular contact since then, and finally got to meet today. When I got to the Zhong Lian Hotel I was met by Vivian, and some of her work partners. We have had two good meals together today and I am now sitting in a fantastic room with a view straight over to North-Korea! Thank you very much for your hospitality!!! I feel very grateful that you have been able to take time out of your busy schedule to greet me in this way 🙂

Bo Hui Qiang, Wang Wei, Robert, Zhang Guo Cheng and Xui Xiao Feng in the reception area of the Zhonglian Hotel.

Also a very big thanks to Zhao Fu Qiang – the manager of the hotel for being so hospitable.

It’s time for bed now. A big day awaiting tomorrow!

22 kilometres today
About 16 kilometres in a straight line to Hushan Great Wall close to Dandong.

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