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Australia – Exploring another world

Australia, Explore the unbelievable! Coral reefs, huge forests, snow-clad mountains, desert and huge agricultural fields, experience them all in this beautiful country. Australia, known for its natural beauty and culture, is one of the most favored tourism attractions for a lot of travelers from all around the world. No matter which season you visit the country, you are sure to enjoy the best scenic views, food and lifestyle in the world. Here is a small list of the best tourist attractions in the country which you should visit during your holiday.

  • Sydney

A major attraction of all tourists, Sydney is the heart of Australia. It is the most popular and densely populated cities in Australia. Apart from its skyscraper buildings and the hush noise of the crowd, make sure you visit the Sydney opera house, Harbour highlight Cruises, Hunter Valley Wineries and the Darling Harbor (marine aquarium). Also enjoy the picturesque view of the Blue Mountains.



  • Cairns

Although a small city, Cairns is one of the biggest attractions in the country. A visit to the Great Barrier Reef (outside reef) allows you to view some of the most mesmerizing natural beauty in the world. Make a trip on the Kuranda cable car and visit the huge rainforest and its unique views. The waterfalls in the forest look splendid and allow you to enjoy nature in its most pure form. You can also visit Port Douglas and the Daintree National Park (forest with the widest variety of plants per square meter) during your visit.



  • Gold Coast

Paradise for beach lovers! Gold coast is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the country, especially for people who love beaches and sunbathing. Pack your bikinis and swim suits and lie down on the soft sand or enjoy surfing on the high tides with your friends. You can also visit the surrounding mountains and the national parks to enjoy the waterfalls and its huge variety of flora and fauna.

Gold Coast

Gold Coast

  • Fraser Island

World’s largest sand island, Fraser Island is a must visit attraction during your trip to Australia. It is also the home to the only rainforest in the world that grows on sand. Called as K’Gari by its local aborigines, Fraser Island is a true paradise on earth. Ideal for surfing and enjoying the blue freshwater lakes, Fraser Island allows you to enjoy adventure just the way you want it. Enjoy the beautiful bird life and unique fishes, wild dogs and the Dingos. Take a day or two to tour this beautiful island and enjoy its blue water sand beaches and the bio-diversity.

Fraser Island

Fraser Island

  • Kakadu National Park

Declared as a world heritage, Kakadu National park stretches more than 200 km in the south from the coast to 100 km from east to west. The national park is rich in wild life and grows some of the rarest and native plants in Australia. It is also home to some 500 plus aborigines. Thus, if you wish to experience the life of the native Australians then make sure you visit the Kakadu National Park.

Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park

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