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Beijing Best Restaurant – Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant

Beijing Best Restaurant – It is tough to choose a favorite or best restaurant in Beijing. There are just too many great restaurants here and if you are here, you will totally agree with me.

My friend, a visitor of this site, asked me to do a write-up of arestaurant where I would bring my high-powered clients for a meal in Beijing. For me, that will also depend whether the meal is on company’s expenses or from my own pocket.

Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant

Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant

Hey, I am just being truthful!

Ah Yat

There are many classy restaurants that will impress many foreign guests in Beijing. However, after much thought, if my guests are from Asia, I usually entertain them in one of Asia’s most famous restaurant – Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant.


Every food connoisseur in Asia knows Ah Yat!

Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant is established by one of Hong Kong’s mostreputable chef, Yeung Koon Yat. He is the “Yat” in Ah Yat Abalone.

For your information, there are many Ah Yat Restaurants in Asia, including Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Malaysia and more.

Lucky for me, there is one in Beijing for my nit-picking Hong Kong clients.

First and foremost, abalone is really expensive stuff! So, don’t go there if you are not willing to shell out top dollars for them. Each abalone can cost a few hundreds to thousands RMB in the restaurant.

However, to many Ah Yat fans, the price is definitely worth it!

Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant1

Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant1

What makes Ah Yat abalone so popular?
Ah Yat

At Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant, the abalones are cooked with a variety of secret ingredients. One thing is known – the abalones are simmered with chicken for days in a claypot to produce the “trade secret sauce” which makes a simple dried or fresh abalone into an “Ah Yat Work of Art”!

Most people go there for that distinctive sauce and many restaurants have tried their very best to replicate the same taste. However, most of them still fail to reach the culinary standard of Ah Yat.

And that’s why when people talk about abalone, they only think of Ah Yat.

In addition to the wonderful abalone, there is also edible bird’s nest soup which is good for your health and complexion. They cost a lot too!

Eating at Ah Yat is a ROYAL experience and I do not usually bring just anyone there. However, when I am fishing for a good deal especially with Asian clients, this is a great place to go.



It’s always nice to savor top-class abalones and bird’s nest soup (on company’s expenses) and seal a deal at the same time!

Anyway, it is not that expensive as in being unreachable. A decent meal for two will cost about 500 RMB (nearly USD$70) and above.

Trust me, YOU are worth the price!So, pop right in when you need to pamper yourself with high-class cuisine in Beijing.

Ah Yat is your man!

Beijing Best Restaurant – Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant

Add: Guomao (World Trade Center) (E 3rd Ring Rd.), 1A Jianguomen Outer Street ,Chaoyang District

Tel: 010 – 6508 9613

bird’s nest soup

bird’s nest soup

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