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Beijing China Weather Report – Get it Here!

Beijing Weather Forecast

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Your weather just got better.

Beijing summer

Beijing summer

Beijing China Weather Summary – In Beijing, the summers are hot due to warm and humid monsoon winds from the southeast. The summer months (from June to August) are wet and hot. In my opinion, the worst time to travel here if you are planning to explore the sights and sound of Beijing.

Winter usually starts in the beginning of November. Beijing is known for cold and dry winters. If you are staying at a friend’s place, do not be surprised that if they do not have a good central heating system (unlike those in Northeast China). So, be prepared to face the cold.

Tip for Winter: Please put on face moisturizers for better protection as it is really dry during winter.

In general, one must remember that:

1. Coldest month is January

2. Warmest month is July

Beijing Weather Forecast

Beijing Weather Forecast

Beijing Average Monthly Temperature

Jan. -4 ℃ = 25 ℉

Feb. -1 ℃ = 31 ℉

Mar. 6 ℃ = 42 ℉

Apr. 14 ℃ = 58 ℉

May 20 ℃ = 68 ℉

Jun. 24 ℃ = 76 ℉

Jul. 26 ℃ = 79 ℉

Aug. 25 ℃ = 77 ℉

Sep. 20 ℃ = 68 ℉

Oct. 13 ℃ = 55 ℉

Nov. 5 ℃ = 41 ℉

Dec. -2 ℃ = 29 ℉

Beijing summer1

Beijing summer1

Beijing China Weather Tips on Appropriate Dressing

During summer, I wear T-shirts and shorts. As you are probably tourist, this is your best outdoor wear. Go sleeveless when it gets really hot but be mindful when you are visiting places of worship.

Summer rains do come quite often, so get yourself armed with a sturdy umbrella (strong winds can be a common thing!) and a good rain-coat (get your fake North Face for a fraction of the price at any Beijing market).

Beijing rain

Beijing rain

In the autumn (it’s really beautiful during this season), feel free to wear a simple sweater and jeans. The weather is perfect for me as I love to walk around the parks and sit by the lakes for a cup of coffee.

For winter, it is best to get yourself a down jacket. Of course, you have to wear your long johns for extra protection. I love putting on my Harley Davidson woolen cap (US$3) to warm my head.

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