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Beijing Outdoor Gear Stores – Sanfo Outdoor

Beijing Outdoor Gear Stores – My brother is a rock climber. HE thinks he’s cool because of that. Immature but what can I do? Blood ties.

So when he came to “visit” me in Beijing with his gal, he insisted on trying rock climbing here.

Beijing Outdoor Gear Stores

Beijing Outdoor Gear Stores

Being a good brother, I brought him to Sanfo Outdoor, the only name I know who deals in outdoor gears (they have branches in China).

What do they sell?

San Fu

Whatever is expected of an outdoor gear stores and that includes tents, sleeping bags, mat, climbing gears, footwear and books. If it matters, the service guys there were great and knew what they were selling.

Note: For you desperadoes out there, they have one female sales gal with the best pair of legs (must be the rock climbing) that I have ever seen in Beijing!

Back to my brother…

My bro bought a pair of rock-climbing shoes that have nails underneath (that’s how I see them)and some ropes. He was going rock climbing at Baihe Rock Climbing as it is FREE. Cheap ass!

San Fu

I did not remember how much he paid for them. All I know is that he kept telling me they are cheap compared to buying the same stuff in Singapore.

Sanfo Outdoor

Sanfo Outdoor

So, where are the Sanfo and Baihe in Beijing?

Beijing Outdoor Gear Shops and FREE Rock Climbing:

Sanfo Outdoor

Address: Building No.4 and No2, Ma Dian Dong Chun, West District, Beijing (South-east corner of Ma Dian Bridge)

Tel: +86 10 6201 5559 / 6201 5550

Baihe Rock Climbing

Address: About 10km extend from He Long Tan, Mi Yun Town



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