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Bosnia and Herzegovina Trip Tips

This European country of Bosnia and Herzegovina is located in the Balkan Peninsula. It has lush mountains as most of the geographical landscape except for the Adriatic Sea. Travel Bosnia and Herzegovina to see the cosmopolitan city of Sarajevo, capital with a Turkish heritage.

Mostar Old Town Panorama

Mostar Old Town Panorama

Orthodox Christians, Muslims, Jews and Catholics all lived in Sarajevo in harmony long time ago. This can be seen in the onion-shaped domes, minarets and campaniles jostling for the sky in sections of the city. Baŝčarŝija is an alluring cobbled laneway showing centuries of trade activity. Antiquities and traditional crafts and combined with best café and bars along with trendy souvenir shops to visit.

Baŝčarŝija, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Baŝčarŝija, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Lively Café, historic fortresses, Catholic monasteries and shrines, splendid old mosques all mixed cultures and legacy can be seen in this place. Mostar’s bridge has been rebuilt from old to new; Ottoman bridge is seen as a symbol of a traumatic past and a recovering present of this nation.

Mostar’s bridge, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mostar’s bridge, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The architecture of the country is influenced by Turks, Hungarians and Austrians which ruled parts of it during different periods of history. Picturesque mountains, charming landscapes, access to wonderful outdoors all combined with age-old cultures makes this place full of adventure. Jajce has medieval citadels, breathtaking waterfalls to delight travelers and Međugorje is a visiting place for thousands as it is Virgin Mary apparition site.

waterfalls, Bosnia and Herzegovina

waterfalls, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Travel Bosnia and Herzegovina to get a taste of true European culture with beautiful and affordable hotels and inns to stay. Weather in this place is enjoyable and food is palate pleasing to all age and groups. Kayaking and river rafting is a major attraction for adventure sports along with mountain skiing, hiking and climbing activities. Eastern Europe will have Bosnia and Herzegovina as crowded tourist destination soon; make your trip to this historic and mesmerizing country on your next chance to escape.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina

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