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British holidays are not that bad

The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of travelling in the UK, compared with the hassle of taking a holiday abroad. I spent most of this week on the Yorkshire coast, and it was hassle free. It cost me £25 per night in a decent B&B, with breakfast and free internet, and £21 return train fare.



British holidays are not that bad

Hassle free British holiday

The beach in Scarborough was fantastic, and you did not have to fight over sun loungers. Not once did I have queue to check-in my luggage or spend time in airport security. I didn’t have to wait 2 hours before my flight and then find that the luggage was sent to Timbuktu by mistake.

Unreliable British weather

For me the biggest downside of spending your holiday in Britain is the unreliable weather. That said we had a five minute rain shower in all of the time we were away. The hassle of cancelled trip to Paris and stranded in The Hague have made me realise I need to spend more time discovering Britain.

Fly with an airline that treats you like a human

I love exploring new places, but I do think that the hassle of low cost flights has put me off travelling unless I can afford to pay to fly with airlines that treat passengers like humans, not cattle. Do you think that travel has become too stressful, or, do you cope with what is thrown at you?

As usual, I welcome your opinions.

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