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Budget Holidays In Australia Tips

When you start to plan your next holiday In Australia, your budget will often be what you think of first when deciding the destination and how long the holiday will be for.

Aussie House Swap, Australia

Aussie House Swap, Australia

There is no reason why you can’t have a great holiday when working with a limited budget. You may wish to stay in a 5-star hotel but in reality you will probably be staying in a backpackers, cheaper motel, cabin or tent or staying with friends, relatives or house swapping.

Plan your holiday within your budget so it can be relaxing. You can still get out and see all the sights, enjoy being with family and friends and meet new people. There are many free activities that you can enjoy. Don’t forget to take plenty of photos or videos so you can create memories to look back on in the years ahead.

holiday In Australia

holiday In Australia

If you are lucky you maybe able to ‘Win a Holiday’

Discount Offers – Use services like Last Minute for the latest bargains up to 70% off

House Swapping – Explore the idea of house swapping

Australia – Aussie House Swap
International – Homes Exchange

Flying – it maybe best to book in advance rather than waiting for the peak time. The closer you get to the peak times, air fares will increase substantially.

International – Homes Exchange, Australia

International – Homes Exchange, Australia

Stay Close To Home – Explore closer to home you will be surprised what is nearby.

Travel by car – Study the route to optimize the fuel consumption and also take into account the cost for the trip. The most ideal way to do this is by looking for the best route by a map and not following the advice of a GPS without checking a map, they tend to take you the long way around.

Travel on off peak times, not school holidays or public holidays

Group Discount – Large families or group may get discount well worth asking when booking accommodation etc.

Try not to impulse shop – only buy what is necessary and budget for any extras like a special treat experience.

Camping – Camping is a very low cost way to travel and see Australia Organizing and will be of great value, especially for the kids.

Camping  in Australia

Camping in Australia

Use Compasison Websites for flights, hire cars, campers and travel insurance

Airfares Flights
Vroom Vroom Vroom
Drive Now
Travel Insurance Australia

Relocate Hire Vehicles for very cheap rates as explained in this article

This website organises hire vehicle relocations StandByRelocs

There are many ways of how to holiday in Australia on a budget, it’s just a matter of finding the best way for you and your situation, starting with how many people, where are you going and what mode of transport are you going to use.

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