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Camping Gives You The Freedom To Travel Anywhere

Camping gives you he freedom of camping in many places in Australia. When you go camping you have a wide range of places to escape to like going to the beach, enjoy the mountains with or without snow, camp beside a lake or river, in National Parks or one of the thousands or Holiday Parks in Australia. This photo was taken at the Bungle Bungles WA,

Charlieville in QLD, Australia

Charlieville in QLD, Australia

Escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life and going camping is refreshing and exciting to wake up to peace and tranquillity in a natural habitat. If you go camping in a Holiday Park it is still a change of scenery and there is always plenty to do within the park and local area. This photo was taken at the Big 4 Port Augusta, the first night of an exciting adventure to northern Australia.

camping in Australia

camping in Australia

Camping is a cheap adventurous holiday that all ages can enjoy. Preparing what you are taking a week or two beforehand will make you trip more successful and less likely to forget something important. Always use a checklist to help you get ready. This photo was taken at Charlieville in QLD.

Holiday Parks in Australia

Holiday Parks in Australia

Sometimes you may find a campground that is just right and continue to go there for several years, quite often you will find other campers will do the same. Other times you will find that you like to try different places so you explore a range of surroundings and explore exciting parts of Australia. For example this photo was taken in the Kimberleys at Old Mornington Station. Camping gives you the freedom to travel amazing places and explore beautiful destinations.

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