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Charged under occupancy but put into single room

As a solo traveller myself I get very annoyed, very quickly, when a fellow solo traveller has to pay a single person supplement and then is put into a single room, it’s should be stopped. I am sure they think because we are travelling alone we will put up with the lowest standard of accommodation.



Charged under occupancy but put into single room

Single room, but charged single supplement

When I travelled on my own for the first time on a package holiday to Benidorm, the same happened to me. I paid a single person supplement and then was thrown in a hotel room that you could not swing a cat in, not that I suggest you do that.

Why do tour operators think that they can get away with this? They also don’t like to call it a single person supplement anymore, it’s under occupancy. It’s the same, and like that makes it fair. I understand charging this if you are in a room for two people, but not in a single room.

Share your experiences

I was only 19 when it happened to me, and if it happened again I would demand that I was put into a standard sized room. Have you paid a single person supplement and then found yourself in a single room? Please share your solo traveller experiences in the comments.

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