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Charles Truscott Wilbury & Father’s Day: Wilbury’s Streaming Event

This week, four years ago, the box set collection of the Travelling Wilburys hit album charts. With hits such as Night, Not Alone Any More, End of the Line, She’s My Baby and even Wilbury Twist there is truly something for every fan regardless of your music taste or preference.

Travelling Wilburys

Travelling Wilburys

“The True History of the Travelling Wilburys” contains unreleased footage of the half-brothers Nelson, Lefty, Charlie Jnr, Lucky, Otis. Charles Truscott Wilbury is the father of these famous five. He was their very first manager but he unfortunately had to be replaced because he proved to be very unreliable due to women and drink. Cecil Wilbury went onto manage the group, and he led them to great success and wealth. Although the group had to replace their own father as the manager, they still maintain a steady relationship.
In honor of the Wilburys and all they have achieved, you can now enjoy a full 24 hour long stream of the “True History of the Travelling Wilburys” this Father’s Day, June 19th (Sunday). This stream honors fathers everywhere who have supported their children, guiding them to success as well as showing them that they can become someone, much alike Charles Truscott Wilbury and his famous five sons. If you want to find out more about the Travelling Wilburys, please visit the Travelling Wilburys website: TravelingWilburys.com. If you would like to listen to their live stream then visit www.TravelingWilburys.com on Sunday 19th June. The program starts at 8am GMT so tune in to listen to it live. You’ll hear stories about your favorite Wilburys as well as some history about the band so it is a great listen if you want to find out more about this iconic group that changed the course of music forever.

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