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Choosing Between Melbourne and Sydney

Tourists tend to arrive in Australia on cheap flights to Sydney or Melbourne – these two great cities are hours apart, yet they compete to be the country’s premiere city. Many swear by Sydney, while others opt for the more alternative world of Melbourne. There are several factors that will help you decide between the two.



The Weather

If you like hot weather you will love Sydney – it is generally quite hot there and there are great beaches at Manly and Bondi Beach. Indeed, there are few big cities so well set up for those who like to laze by the seaside. The same cannot be said for Melbourne and though there is a nice beach at St. Kilda’s the weather is less than ideal. The city sees a fair bit of rain, and you may never get the warmth you can expect further north.

the weather in sydney

the weather in sydney


Sydney certainly has some great nightlife with many bars and great clubs, yet Melbourne has a more interesting scene with alley-way bars and fun clubs everywhere. Section 8 is a particularly fun place to visit, as this former car park is one of the trendiest spots in town.

Nightlife in Sydney

Nightlife in Sydney

The Food

Both Melbourne and Sydney have access to great eateries. Restaurants like Aria in Sydney provide haute cuisine which leads the charge of Australia’s newly gained reputation for culinary greatness. Melbourne has a slightly different feel as many people like to head to China Town to sample cheap and delicious fare.

The Food in Australia

The Food in Australia

Travelling On

Of course there is more to see in Australia than these two cities, and it is important to fly into one which is surrounded by things that interest you. If you head to Sydney you can drive north up to the Gold Coast to enjoy the lovely beaches and the serenity of Byron Bay. If you base yourself in Melbourne you will be able to drive on to Adelaide and Kangaroo Island via The Twelve Apostles in Port Campbell National Park.

If you are looking to fly into Sydney and Melbourne you should be able to choose between these two great metropolises. Then again, the best situation would be to take in both cities as they are both truly exciting, in their own unique ways.

Travelling  in Australia

Travelling in Australia

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