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Driving Around Tasmania Itinerary

Driving around Tasmania is another amazing adventure and recommended by everyone who visits. Tassie has every type of experiences to suit everybody from the relaxing to the adventurous.

Driving Around Tasmania

Driving Around Tasmania

Whether you’re looking for an adventure in Tassie that may include kayaking, white water rafting, mountain bike riding or hiking . If you would rather relax, you can enjoy Tasmania’s wineries, gourmet foods and cultural history. You will able to create the perfect itinerary or find a holiday package to suit you and your family.

Getting to Tasmania from the mainland can be done by flying from Melbourne or other capital cities or going on the ‘Spirit of Tasmania’ ferry which travels daily.

Driving Around Tasmania1

Driving Around Tasmania1

This itinerary is a suggestion and you can use it to get ideas and adjust it to suit your plans and how long you have to travel, whether it’s a week or several months. Many website links are included so you can look up each website for further information and ideas from the experts.

Starting from Devonport, which is where the ‘Spirit of Tasmania’ arrives and departs from. Devonport is considered the gateway to Tasmania and is close to the very popular wilderness destination of Cradle Mountain. Travel from Devonport towards the North west coast on the Bass Highway about 130 kilometres and visit Burnie and Stanley.

Driving Around Tasmania2

Driving Around Tasmania2

Travel from Stanley on the Murchison Highway about 180 kilometres to Cradle Mountain National Park and the Walls of Jerusalem National Park.

From Cradle Mountain travel south about 260 kilometres to Queenstown and Strahan

After staying at Strahan, travel south east about 300 kilometres on the Lyell Highway to the capital city Hobart. On the way to Hobart you will pass many interesting waterways like Lake St Clair and Lake King William and the Derwent River.

Bruny Island is about 83 kilometres further south from Hobart



After visiting the stunning Bruny Island the next destination is Port Arthur so it is necessary to return to Hobart first then travel to the Tasman Peninsula on the east coast which is about 180 kilometres. Port Arthur is one of Australia’s oldest convict sites and full of history.

Next stop is Freycinet Peninsula which is north about 210 kilometres long the Tasman Highway.

After visiting the Freycinet Peninsula next destination is Launceston which is about 180 kilometres and then back to start at Devonport, about 100 kilometres driving.



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