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Dubai – Exploring the City

Forget the popular beaches of Dubai, underwater hotels, the man-made islands, and all the things you heard on the TV about
Dubai. If you want to visit Dubai and have a wonderful experience, not a regular one, then you might need to revise your plans.

dubai the best places to visit

Try to experience the exclusive places that are not to be found anywhere else in the world. In this blog post, you will be served with some of the must-visiting sites of Dubai.

Burj Khalifa – The Tallest Building of All is Worth It’s Fame

I know forget about the stuff you saw on TV about Dubai. Well, let’s make an exception here.

Burj Khalifa is the tallest building of the planet with the height of 828 meters. The building was opened back in 2010. Burj Khalifa is a perfect piece of engineering and architecture with two observation centers at 124 and 148 floors.

The most popular ticket is of the 124th floor, where you will be served with high-powered telescopes (extra cost) to view the city.

burj khalifa dubai the tallest building in the city

If you want to get the true feeling of being at the highest observation deck of the planet, you need to get the tickets of 148th floor. When you reach at 148th floor, you will be standing 555 meters above the ground.

People who visit this floor are treated as a VIP guest. You will be served with the best refreshments and you can view the different city landmarks.

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Note: Apart from all this, remember to book the tickets online as far as 30 days in advance.

Dubai Hot Air Balloon – A Lifetime Experience 

Hot air balloon is a lifetime experience that shouldn’t be missed by anyone who visits Dubai in his/her life. The launch field is located in Margham where you will hear the important instructions before stepping into the balloon.

hot air balloon in dubai

Each balloon basket holds around 25 people including the pilot, but still there is a lot of space to sightsee comfortably.

After one hour in the balloon, the pilot will land it. Don’t rush back to your hotel without getting a personal flight certificate and few refreshments.

Wild Wadi Water Park Dubai – Slides Never Get Better Than This

Ever thought about being a on a water roller coaster in mid of desert? Wild Wadi Water Park in Dubai is your place to go.

At Wild Wadi, you can enjoy some of the world’s highest slides, bodysurf huge waves, and water roller coaster. These rides have a minimum height limit, which is 1.10 meters.

Wild-wadi water park dubai

Don’t worry if you don’t meet the height requirements, there is still lot of fun for you. You can enjoy the smaller slides, dumping bucket, water guns and lot more.

Note: For one night in a week, the park is open for kids only who are less than eight years old.

Dubai Desert Safari – Life Should Be Like This.

What’s better than a safari in a desert? NOTHING…

dubai desert safari best things to do in dubai

Dubai Desert Safari Campsite

A journey for six hours by 4×4 across the deserts of Dubai is an exotic tour! During this tour, you can enjoy the camel ride and sand boarding. Also, you can get a henna tattoo if you like to have a tattoo.

Under the twinkling Arabian stars, you will complete your experience with a luscious barbecue dinner. Wait! You can also watch a traditional tanoura dance performance while having the dinner.

Apart from the great experiences, the guide (if you hire one) will improve your knowledge about different camels and how to balance on it.


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