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Hotel star ratings are useless to consumers

Regular readers will know that I am not a huge fan of travel surveys, but, research by Travel Supermarket caught my attention. Apparently, a survey of over 2,000 UK adults highlighted that 50% have been disappointed by a hotel they have stayed in, having expected more given its star rating.



Hotel star ratings are useless to consumers

Hotel ratings system is outdated

I have written before that I think we need to improve the hotel rating system because it is so outdated, and is confusing for consumers when there are different systems all over the European Union.

Do we need a hotel rating system

Thinking about how I search for hotels nowadays, I am not sure if a star system is even needed anymore. I take no notice of it when booking a hotel, and base my choice on price, location, and if the hotel offers services like free WiFi.

Star rating does not guarantee a good hotel

Bob Atkinson from Travel Supermarket says.

Your choice of hotel can make a big difference to whether you have a great holiday or a bad one. With high percentages of people being both happy and disappointed with hotels based on their star rating, there is far too much vagary around star rating does not guarantee you will be happy with your hotel.

Standardising the hotel ratings system

I have to agree, and we need some consistency. I am not sure if this already happens within the hotel industry, but it is all well and good giving a hotel a 3 star – is this regularly reviewed, especially when new management comes in. Who makes sure that hotels are not falsely promoting their hotel as 3 stars, when it’s really 1 or 2?

Your thoughts on hotel star rating system

I am interested to know your thoughts on the hotel star system in the UK, and Europe, do you even take this into consideration when booking a hotel? Have you stayed in a hotel and expected more because of its star rating? Please add your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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