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Italy is a wonderful country and it is very rich on both nature and cultural sights.


This trip was concentrated around the beautiful Lago di Garda. First stop was the Dolomites, which is an impressive mountain range – perfect for trekking.



The lake it self is a wonderful place to relax, and go for a swim.

In the city department Verona is close. Here watching an opera in the Arena di Verona is a must – and an amazing experience whether you like opera or not.

The Dolomites

The first stop on this trip was the Dolomites in northern Italy. Its a relatively small but very beautiful mountain range. We drove to Passo de Sella (2245m) from where it is possible to walk to the top of Col de Rodella (2485m). Its a short trek (3-4km each way), but the views are very rewarding!

After this stop we drove to the small town of Canazei where we found a campground. next day it was time for a longer trek. We bought a trekking map and found a suitable trek. Started in 1370m and walked to a pass called Passo Dona (2516m). It was hot, but luckily getting water not a problem. It was drinkable right from the small streams! Continued upwards to the highest point on the trek, Passo Lausa (2700m). The way down was pretty steep, but after 9 hours of trekking we returned to the camp ground. Excellent trip!

The Dolomite, Italy

The Dolomite, Italy

Lago di Garda

We had decided from back home, that Lago di Garda would be our base. Its a very touristed area, but also lvery beautiful, and a lot of interesting places can be reach on one day trips if you have a car. Most camp grounds are placed only a few meters from the lake.

The lake is surrounded by high hills, so one day we took an aerial cableway as high as we could go. At the top we rented mountain bikes and the rode them all the way down. Excellent fun! Check the breaks before you set off!

Besides swimming in the lake you can spend the time visiting some of the pleasant small towns lying around the lake. They have a great atmosphere.

Lago di Garda, Italy

Lago di Garda, Italy


One of the interesting places which can be reach from Lago di Garda is the city of Verona a beautiful city with cathedrals and architectural masterpieces. The most famous attraction is the Roman Arena in the centre of the city. Its very well preserved, and it still features performances. Typically it is an opera, but even if you don’t like opera this is a must-see. Its a fantastic experience sitting among 30000 people in an old arena watching AIDA or some other opera. The sound is great and the stage setting impressive.

Verona, Italy

Verona, Italy


Another interesting location reachable from the lake is Spiazzi. The town is nothing special, but nearby lies a church in a spectacular setting. Right in the middle of a vertical cliff side.

The path to the church passes through several tunnels. The oldest part of the church is from the 16th century. The back wall inside the church is bare rock!

Spiazzi, Italy

Spiazzi, Italy

Mantova and Vicenza

We also visited both Mantova and Vicenza – both beautiful cities. Italy is a wonderful country and once you’ve been there you will probably want to go back and visit it again.

Mantova and Vicenza, Italy

Mantova and Vicenza, Italy

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