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Lauderdale by the Sea

It’s easy to think that downtown Ft Lauderdale, Las Olas area, the two miles in front of the famous Beach Place and all the four to five star resorts that cradle the beach front of Ft Lauderdale famous beach are all ft lauderdale offers. And that’s okay, with beautiful weather eight months out of the year, all of Ft Lauderdale’s tourist seem to know exactly where to find it’s treasure.

Ft Lauderdale

Ft Lauderdale

But venturing a little north of all it’s treasure, is just an added bonus to the area. Lauderdale by the Sea may get over-shadowed by its Beach Place location but the beach at Lauderdale by the sea is just as gorgeous. The area showcases zagat rated restaurants, beachfront townhouses and touristic boutique like shops. But for quite some time now i have thought, why Lauderdale by the Sea, after all a little further south is by the sea just the same. The big difference in the two locations is that with Lauderdale by the sea, residential housing can be literally on the beach where as near Beach Place this is not the case. If you have any other reason be certain to share them with us.

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale

In Lauderdale by the sea, Anglins Fishing Pier is considered an old landmark of Broward County. For a small fee of $2 you can walk the longest pier in Broward. Over 876 feet high this fisherman spot is ideal for fishing. You can rent all fishing gear from the fishing shop at the entrance of the pier for $4.



You will not find that many restaurants positioned right on the sand beaches of Ft Lauderdale, but Aruba Bar is one of the few. Located right next to Anglins Pier, the restaurant and bar is perfect for lunch for those spending a day at the beach. Parking in lauderdale by the sea is just as easy as in the downtown fort lauderdale area. Metered parking is available.

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