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My London budget hotel experience

Being the consumer travel blogger that I am, I decided to spend one night in a budget hotel in London to show readers a comparison between a hotel’s website to my own experiences, and show you what £55 gets you in England’s capital city.



My London budget hotel experience

London’s best kept secret

Armed with my iPhone, £55 and anti-bacterial hand gel I checked into the Hotel Strand Continental, which is according to its website is London’s best kept secret, and you will get to find out why people keep it a secret.

Hidden truths behind a hotel website

Let’s start off with the website, from the photos the rooms look quite nice, and for only £55 (the website says £50, but let’s not squabble over £5) a night for a single room, it looks pleasant enough, with a good location. The main photo on the homepage is the upper level of the hotel, the entrance looks much less attractive.

The walls and doors are thin, so you can hear everything, including people using the toilet just across the landing. I love Indian food, which is a good thing because the room stunk of it, I laid there thinking I was in India, but in reality I was in the heart of England’s capital city.

Video of my room at this budget London hotel

Here’s the video of my hotel room.

Dirty room but for £55 is that value for money

So, for £55 should I have expected what I received? I was not expecting much, but surely at minimum the room should be clean. The curtains looked like they hadn’t been washed for 15 years, the carpet was sticky and dirty, and it was generally unclean.

In reality this is not a hotel, but a hostel, most of the rooms are shared, and the reviews of this hotel are interesting. Most of the negative sections of the reviews are about the hotel, but, because of the location, customers are rating it high.

Review of the hotel from one customer

This was the worst ‘hotel’ experience ever. Beds not made in any room (we made our own beds), extra money for towels, condoms (unused) and lubricants found in children’s rooms, some windows that don’t close or some that don’t open. One or two toilets and showers on each floor

Your thoughts welcome

Let’s just say this was an interesting experience, and goes to prove that you get what you pay for, and don’t book a hotel on the rating of it, because, if it’s in a good location, the ratings do not reflect the actual hotel.

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