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New year, new book

Now that the dust has settled after the New Year celebrations and people are going back to work, I am also getting ready for the next and probably final chapter of my adventure. In the coming weeks and months, I will be writing a book and creating a presentation about my walk along the Ming Dynasty Great Wall.

new year

new year

On the more immediate level, I’m concerned with finding a place to live in Oslo and buying a new computer that can churn through all the thousands of pictures I have taken over the last 20 months. Once that is in place, the book and presentation will become my passion and work in progress!

The story about this walk has reached further than I had ever thought. People seem to get very excited when they hear the story, and how I made the decision to follow a more than 20 year old dream.

The following were published, around and just after the end of the walk: One page article in China Daily, a long article in China Radio International, a radio interview taken the same day I came to Beijing only two days after the walk was finished (Click the Listen button under the picture) . In Norway, there was an article in VG, and several radio interviews. In the UK, this article was published.

In addition, the story has picked up interest in Spain, France, Romania, Vietnam, Russia, Afganistan, Japan and a lot in China of course.

I wish you all the very best for 2011!!! Keep checking by this site – I’m not finished yet 🙂

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