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Port Alberni Sockeye Fishing

Sockeye are the bright red fish (salmon) that so many tourists travel to see, in the various rivers, streams, and creeks of British Columbia.

Sockeye Sport fishing has become very lucrative in the Alberni Valley over the past 20 years. Today sockeye salmon support one of the most important commercial fisheries on the Pacific Coast and is increasingly sought by recreational fisheries.

Port Alberni Sockeye Fishing

Port Alberni Sockeye Fishing

Once only thought of as a prime commercial salmon, sockeye have become a very popular sport fish. Each year large runs of sockeye swim into the waters of Barkley Sound and make their way into the Port Alberni Inlet, and then into the Somass- Stamp River system. From the river, the Sockeye enter either Sproat Lake or Great Central Lake. The sockeye, also known as “Reds”, then enter various small rivers, streams and creek tributaries where they turn a marvelous red color with their life ending after their spawn. The Port Alberni area has years when sockeye returns are over one million, making the sockeye fishery beneficial for sport and commercial fishermen.

Sockeye return to the Port Alberni area in different runs. Sometimes they seem to travel as Sproat Lake and Great Central Lake fish. Most sport and commercial fishermen believe that there is a size difference in the two lakes with Great Central Lake fish being larger. The first run of sockeye enters the Somass-Stamp river system in mid to late April or early May. Sockeye sense the cool and higher water of the river and early in the year travel in the top 20 feet of water when they reach the waters of the Port Alberni Inlet. By mid June the water of the river often gets very close to 18 degrees Celsius. The inlet surface water also increases. The increase in water temperature usually slows the sockeye down and they begin to school in large numbers in the inlet, usually within the first ten miles from the river mouth. When these salmon begin to school in large numbers anglers have a wonderful time trolling hook and line for these fish. The most popular areas in the Port Alberni Inlet for the sockeye to be found are Lone Tree Point, Cous Creek, China Creek, The Slide, The Narrows, and the Nahmint Ten Mile Point areas.

It is not uncommon for the Sport Fisherman to limit out each morning or evening for these wonderful tasting salmon, which are fantastic on the barbecue. Sockeye are best caught on a slow troll with a hotspot flasher in green, red, or plaid with a red, orange, pink, pink and blue (hippie hootchie) mini-plankton hootchie. Leader length can vary in accordance to speed but 22 to 30 inches of leader line seems to be ample. Sockeye are attracted to color. Sport fishermen will often tag two or three dumbie flashers to their downriggers meaning at least six or seven flashers are often behind the average sport boat. Those fishermen that like an extra edge use a black-box which adjusts electrical current around the boat and usually have it set between .70 and .75.

Barkley Sound

Barkley Sound

Port Alberni Sockeye Fishing

Some of the local anglers in Alberni have turned away from popular hootchies and are fishing with some very common coyote spoons. Some of these spoons are Army Truck, Halloween, Watermelon, and Nasty Boy. Some anglers troll these spoons behind flashers while others tag flashers to their downriggers and fly a spoon off their rod seven or eight feet above the flasher.

Port Alberni is often called “The Salmon Capital of the World”. When the sockeye arrive and the fishing is fantastic, guides are difficult to find, as are campsites and hotels and local bed and breakfasts. China Creek Marina and Campground is often so busy that visitors have to be turned away and those wanting to launch boats are also turned away.

The sockeye fishery is absolutely wonderful. It is fun for everyone in the family and a great sport fishery for children. This is not to say that it is not also wonderful for the most avid fisherman. When you see a boat in the inlet with anglers playing two, three, and even four fish, it’s amazing the havoc that these twisting, jumping, and thrashing salmon can create!

Port Alberni Sockeye Fishing1

Port Alberni Sockeye Fishing1

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