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Portugal Travel Guide – About Portugal

Portugal is a country of roughly ten million people living on three distinct geographies, Continental Europe, the Azores and Madeira islands. Portugal features an excellent climate ranging from north, its greenest frontier, and the quaint and diverse middle, to the warm south. The Azores are some of the most beautiful islands on earth.



Madeira islands are a must stop for sun and fun. Timeless & cosmopolitan Lisbon or Lisboa, an historic yet contemporary European capital, captures every visitor with its charm and beauty. Portugal, situated on the Atlantic coast at the westernmost end of the Iberian Peninsula and has a 1214 km long border with Spain.



Getting to and travelling around Portugal is as convenient these days as any other destination all over Europe, with good connections facilitated by modern airports. Most major European airlines fly to Lisbon, while a succession of charter flights operate during the summer, especially to the Algarve. There are also international flights to Porto in the north and Faro in the south. Direct and regular bus services operate from France, Spain and England, while train connections from France and Spain provide regular scenic stops en route. Portugal’s weather is moderated by the Atlantic Ocean, never cold or too hot. Always just right, with a nice ocean breeze.

Landscapes Portugal

Landscapes Portugal

Portugal offers a uniquely diverse and exciting range of cultures climates, and landscapes. From the sunny white – sand beaches of Algarve, the restful Alentejo, the gorgeous sceneries of the Center and North, the tropical-like Madeira Islands and the Azores Islands, Portugal invites you to savor its culture, traditions and friendly people. Portugal features some of the best golf courses in Europe, great Hotels, historic Pousadas, quaint Manor Houses and a multitude of activities from hiking to sailing. Lisbon and Porto, spanning centuries of history and culture mixed with contemporary life styles, are world-class cosmopolitan travel destinations.

Sand Beaches of Algarve Portugal

Sand Beaches of Algarve Portugal

For any traveler wanting to get off the beaten track in Europe, Portugal travel has infinite possibilities to experience. This is a small, compact country, whose history and customs are deeply influenced by its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. The most beautiful natural areas lie in the Minho , Lima, and Douro valley. You can explore the verdant beauty and rural customs of the Minho Valley, or check out the spectacular gorge in the Douro Valley. The city of Porto is located at the end of the Douro Valley, on the sea, and is famous for its Port wine – also know as Vinho do Porto. In all, Portugal offers an amazing experience for a diverse group of travelers

Douro valley Portugal

Douro valley Portugal

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