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Rip-off Rome adds daily tax for tourists visiting city

It seems travel in the current economic climate is an easy target for tax hikes. Paying air passenger duty (a flight tax here in the UK) gets my blood boiling so finding out that cities like Rome are hiking up their tourist tax infuriates me even more.



Rip off Rome adds daily tax for tourists visiting city

Cities like Rome are already a rip-off for tourists, so this is going to make it an even more expensive place to visit, especially when the Euro currency isn’t performing that well against many other currencies.

The new tax, which took effect on January 1, 2011.

• For guests staying at 4 or 5 star hotels: €3 per person, per night
• For guests staying at 3 star or lower hotels: €2 per person, per night
• For entrance to museums and other paid tourist attractions: an extra €1 per ticket

What do you think about tourist tax; is it a necessary evil or, do you think we already pay enough tax and tourist destinations and the travel industry should stop trying to get more money out of consumers’ pockets?

For a more balanced view: Rome tax: what it costs & how to avoid it.

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