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Russian Cuisine

Guide Russia will provide you the opportunity to taste all these dishes and drinks during your tour of Russia.




Medovukha is an alcoholic beverage, based on honey, which passes the stage of fermentation and very similar to mead. Known in Russia since pagan times, it remained popular well into the 19th century. The normal strength of this light-alcoholic drink is about 10-16 percent, it depends. Content of sugar is 8-10 percent.

Medovukha Russia

Medovukha Russia


Pancakes are widely known as a traditional Russian dish, which is cooked mostly on Mastlinitsa, spring pagan holiday. The Russians like to eat pancakes with different fillings, such as jam, cottage cheese, meat and rice, dip it in honey and eat with caviar, that is very tasty and unforgettable. Guide Russia can provide them to you any day of your trip, as the city of Tver is full of various cafees and restaurants, where you can enjoy this national dish and may swallow your tongue! There is a joke in Russia, if somebody eats something very tasty, they say: don’t swallow your tongue! Finger-licking food!!!

Pancakes Russian

Pancakes Russian


Pelmieni is one of the most popular dishes in Russia. The traditional filling for pelmieni (Guide Russia sticks to it) is a mixture of beef, pork and lamb and may also include different spices, onion and garlic; besides some people use bear flesh, dear flesh, potatoes and cabbage. Many Russian women prefer cooking pelmieni in their own way, with a different filling. Traditionally pelmieni are boiled immediately before serving and Russian people prefer eat this dish with sour cream, mustard or mayonnaise. Delicious!!!

Pelmieni Russia

Pelmieni Russia


Uha is a traditional Russian soup, which is cooked mostly with fish, as it helps to make broth much clearer, than meat. Russian people started cooking uha with fish in the fifteenth century. Although this dish is cooked very quickly, it is very delicious. The Russians use different types of fish to cook white uha (pikeperch, perch, ruff), black uha (carp, chub, crucian carp) and red uha (sturgeon, beluga, salmon ). Many Russian people cook uha using various types of fish, in order to make it tastier.

Uha Russia

Uha Russia

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