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Russian Holidays

Guide Russia will help you to enjoy these holidays during your tour of Russia.



Victory Day (May 9)

It is the greatest holyday for all Russian people. On this day people experience both joy and sorrow. They celebrate the fact that our grandparents managed to defend their independence and at the same time recollect those people who sacrificed their lives in order to bring closer this victory day. There is held a great celebration with various amusements, music and fireworks in the city of Tver.

Victory Day

Victory Day

Orthodox Easter

This holiday is celebrated two weeks after Catholic Easter. It is the main Christian holyday established in honor to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, who was crucified on the cross. Easter takes place on the 1st Sunday after the vernal equinox and it is celebrated solemnly in the family circle. On this holiday people usually paint eggs and cook tasty Easter cakes. If you happen to be here on Easter, you will definitely enjoy the traditional breaking of multicolored eggs.

Orthodox Easter Russia

Orthodox Easter Russia

Fool Day (the Day of laughter)

This day is celebrated on the 1st of April. On this day people laugh at each other and at everything that seems to be fun. It’s a well known fact that laughter prolongs life, that’s why people try to play tricks on their friend and family, in order to bring them in a good mood.

Fool Day Russia

Fool Day Russia

Women’s Day (March 8)

On the International Women’s Day (IWD) women expressed their protest against sex segregation and political activism. At the present day this holiday has lost its political meaning and provides a good opportunity for men to express their love and terseness to women. This day became the first spring holiday in Russia, when men give presents to their women as a symbol of their fidelity, faithfulness and sincere love.

Women's Day Russia

Women’s Day Russia

New Year (January 1)

Is one the most favorite holidays in Russia. Both grown-ups and children are happy on this day. On this very day everybody gives presents to each other, has fun, makes fireworks, decorates fur-trees, cooks delicious things, lays the holiday table and watches popular films, devoted to this holiday, on TV. Farther Frost (Santa Claus) and his granddaughter “Snegurochka”(a snow girl) are constant participants of this holiday. Russian people used to celebrate this holiday at home with the whole family, but many of them still prefer to walk around the city after the midnight and turn it into the spectacular display of firework.

New Year Russia

New Year Russia

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