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Ryanair checked-in baggage fee increase targets families

I have never been a huge fan of Ryanair primarily because of how they have treated consumers in the past. The announcement that the “low cost” airline is to increase the checked-in baggage fee from €15 each way to €20 during July and August has annoyed some Travel Rants readers.



Ryanair checked in baggage fee increase targets families

Travelling light as a solo traveller

Unless I had no other option, I would choose not fly with Ryanair, but, if I did, then, I would make the decision to travel light to avoid these fees. As a solo traveller that is fine, but this hike affects families who can only go on holiday during the peak period, in the school holidays.

It might be a good opportunity to compare the price of a flight with Ryanair over other airlines, you might be surprised. They are so many different fees to bear in mind when booking a flight nowadays that it is becoming ridiculous.

Fee increase comes into force

Passengers who have booked their July and August flight prior to midnight, 7 April, will not be affected by the baggage check-in increase and from 1 September the checked-in bag fee will return to its current rate, according to the Ryanair website.

Airlines profiteering from peak season

Is this just another example of a so called low cost airline taking advantage and profiteering during a peak travel period? I would be interested to read your comments, especially from families who will be the most affected by this price hike.

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