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Top 10 Motorcycle Touring Routes in the USA

I’m compiling a list of the top 10 motorcycle touring routes in the USA and I wonder if you would help me? I can’t decide, and I don’t know ALL of the USA, so thought I would try crowdsourcing! That is, you — many of you are amazingly well-traveled motorcyclists in all parts of the USA and overseas.

So… besides the following obvious (?) contenders, what are your recommendations?

California to Vancouver, Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 1)
Smoky Mountains Blue Ridge Parkway, Cherohala Skyway, Deals Gap Tail of the Dragon
Vermillion Cliffs Scenic Hwy,/Grand Canyon
Key West Highway, Florida

I’m looking for decently long stretches of interesting/beautiful riding with interesting stops. Something you would take the trouble to go on vacation to ride… I hope to find something in each general region of the USA, but realize that some areas are just straight, hot, dry, and boring. The Glenn Highway in Alaska, for example, seems to me to be just one long hellish stretch between gas stations, dumpy motels, and mosquito-ridden campsites, for example.

Some ideas I had were to catch some great roads that are pretty close to each other, like:

Rocky Mountains, Glacier, Zion, Yellowstone Highway

Other ideas:

New England must have some amazing rides, but I missed that – maybe from Maine to Newfoundland?
East Oregon, Washington – I have played around there a lot, but can’t think of one “great” stretch worth making a special journey for.

So hard to decide. Help!

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