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Top 5 Things To Do in Kyoto

Kyoto is an ancient Japanese city with a modern face. It’s still beautiful and reminds you of the golden days of the Japanese Empire when the emperor used to live here. Yes, it was once the capital of this great Asian empire.


Beautiful city of Kyoto

When you go to Kyoto, there is so much to do there and so many historical sites to see that a handy Kyoto travel guide could prove great help. The city survived the World War II. I’ve put up a list of top 5 things that you can include in your plans in Kyoto. Keep in mind, these Kyoto Japan tourist attractions aren’t the only places to visit in this historical city.

1- Put your walking shoes on and visit Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine

Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine

Picturesque Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine

Fushimi shrine is known for it’s picturesque beauty. If you go there, be ready to see everyone taking pictures. It’s so beautiful that your camera would never rest during the 4 km walk tour of the shrine. Don’t forget to put your walking shoes on and be ready for an upward hike when coming to this classic shrine.

2- Visit Rokuon-ji Temple in Kyoto

Rokuon-ji Temple in Kyoto

If you appreciate peaceful gardens, temples, and lakes all in one place, you should plan a tour to Rokuon-ji Temple. You will love the garden with manicured Japanese shrubs and trees. You can’t go inside the Golden Temple but still being there and watching it from the garden pathways is a great feeling. If you are, read some history before you visit this place for a nostalgic experience.

3- Visit Zenrinji-temple during the blossom season


View of Zenrinji temple during the cherry blossom season

Kyoto Japan climate is great for tourists. The city is beautiful throughout the year but if you want to go to Zenrinji-temple, I recommend planning a visit during the blossom season. Usually the tour is half an hour but since there are only a few tourists here, you can enjoy the atmosphere. It’s one of the reasons I recommend it to everyone planning things to do Kyoto Japan with kids.

4- See how the Shogun lived – Go to Nijo Castle Kyoto

Nijo Castle Kyoto

Entrance of Nijo Castle Kyoto

I know many of you would want to see how Shogun used to live. The best place to start learning about his lifestyle is his residence. Nijo castle is where he lived. If you go there, you get  a chance to see his life up close. There are many intricate details that you’d want to photograph. It starts with the gold engraved door of the castle. Since the castle is in the center of the city, getting there won’t be a problem. Entry fee is half for kids so don’t forget to take them along.

5- Go to Monkey Park Iwatayama by walking through the bamboo forest

Arashiyama-Monkey-Park kyoto

See monkeys in their natural habitat

If you want to see this monkey park, you should start your walking tour from the adjusting bamboo forest. It’s called Sagano forest. The walk is going to be a memorable one as you’d go along the river Hozu. There is going to be some tiring uphill walk but it’s worth it. You will end up in the monkey park where you will see monkeys in their natural habitat. You don’t see them like that in zoos or other places to be ready to observe. You will probably walk out of there thinking that’s how everyone should live – uninterrupted and peaceful. If your kids are teens, take them along. They will love the habitat and would probably want to spend a lot of time in the park.


These were some of the places to visit in the beautiful city of Kyoto. There are number of other attractions that attract thousands of tourists each year. Talk to your guide or read an article online with a more exhaustive list for all the worth-visiting attractions in this historical city.

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