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Travel Azerbaijan

A part of Europe and Asia, Azerbaijan is a fast evolving country with great variations in its natural landscapes. Travel Azerbaijan and experience its exotic coastlines and the other major cities. The country differs greatly in its landscapes and promises a relaxing and reviving experience to its visitors.

Ismailli Azerbaijan

Ismailli Azerbaijan

Previously a part of the soviet republic, Azerbaijan is located majorly on the oil rich Caspian Sea and also shares semi-dessert region with the other neighboring countries. The country is bordered by Russia, Iran, Georgia and Armenia in its west and has a beautiful coastline on the eastern end. Part of the country is well developed with classy skyscrapers and flashy limousines sweeping through the cities. However, the country is known for its renowned capital, Baku, a booming town with exotic picturesque.

Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan

Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan

The city is a fast growing skyscraper jungle and is owned by some of the richest people in the country. A small three hours drive from the futuristic concrete jungle takes you through a number of beautiful villages, all covered by the lush green orchards of the Caucasus mountains. The mountains seem to be covered by the lush green trees and teahouses, unscathed from the pollution causing elements of the cities. Visiting the capital for its beauty is a must when you travel Azerbaijan.

skyscrapers, Azerbaijan

skyscrapers, Azerbaijan

The country has 9 ecological zones out of a total of 11 zones. As a result, the climate of the country is temperate all through the year, with not many changes in its temperatures. The average temperature in the country is about 14 – 15 C. The Caucasus Mountain shields the country from the chilly arctic winds during the winters, while the warm air of the Caspian Sea protects that country from the extremely hot air blowing from Central Asia in the summers. The country is known for its mud volcanoes, Caspian Hyrcanian Forests and the Tears of Kyapaz. So, when you travel Azerbaijan, make sure you visit its beautiful landscapes.

Baku, Azerbaijan

Baku, Azerbaijan

Caucasus Mountain, Azerbaijan

Caucasus Mountain, Azerbaijan

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