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Travellers falling out of love with air travel

I really did not want to fly to my holiday destination this year because of the issues I had last year. It has been nearly a year since I travelled abroad, which is a long time for me – the thought of another trip being cancelled, huge delays, or stranded abroad really put me off the idea. The need for a relaxing break and sunshine took over though.



Travellers falling out of love with air travel

Planned to holiday in the UK

In January I decided I was going to spend my holidays in the UK this year, but when I sat down and looked at the cost, and the fact that our weather is so unpredictable I made the decision to fly to Portugal for 7 days of relaxation. Hopefully it will be a relaxing holiday.

Put off flying due to air travel issues

Speaking to family and friends they all seem to be put off with flying due to the air travel issues last year. Sure, no one could have predicted the volcano ash clouds, but with threats of strikes and the never-ending increase in additional charges and taxes, flying is becoming unattractive to many people nowadays.

Cruises becoming more popular

It seems that cruises are becoming popular; primarily because the cost of a cruise is not much more expensive than booking a flight to places like the Caribbean. More of my friends and family are using the likes of the Eurostar and ferry services to travel to other European destinations.

Are we falling out of love with air travel?

Obviously, they are some destinations where you have no choice but to fly, but for the first time I think taking a cruise is becoming more appealing than flying. I am interested to hear your thoughts on air travel – would you be more likely to book on a cruise or travel by other method of transport?

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