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Travelling & Holidaying On A Budget

When you are planning to travel and Holiday, your budget will often be what you think of first when deciding the destination and how long the holiday will be.



There is no reason why you can’t have a great holiday when working with a limited budget. You may wish to stay in a 5-star hotel but in reality you will probably be staying in a tent, cabin, motel, backpackers, homestead, which my family has done plenty of times and we had many wonderful holidays.

Plan your holiday within your budget so it can be relaxing and you are not stressing about what you are spending. You can still get out and see all the sights, enjoy being with family and friends and meet new people. There are many free activities that you can enjoy. Don’t forget to take plenty of photos or videos so you can create memories to look back on in the years ahead.

great holiday Australia

great holiday Australia

Depending on your budget, it may be possible to treat yourselves to something special that you have always wanted to do. This could be hot air ballooning, abseiling, swimming with dolphins, scuba diving, playing golf, visiting gardens or art galleries, seeing the whales, going on a flight, seeing Uluru (Ayers Rock), or experiencing one of thousands of other things you can do.

Remember that the little extras can quickly add up. Consider taxi fares, restaurant meals, takeaway food, drinks, fuel for your vehicle or car rental, tips, entry prices for attractions, souvenirs and any medications you may need. Allow for all these things in your budget. Plan ahead, budget and you will have a great holiday.

ballooning, abseiling, swimming with dolphins in Australia

ballooning, abseiling, swimming with dolphins in Australia

If you are planning your holiday months or even a year ahead, be smart and start saving now. Put away as much as you can into a separate account or somewhere else so you won’t be tempted to spend it.

Even if you are on a budget you can have a great time and holiday, there are many activities you can do for free.

Look out for them, sometimes they can be the highlight of your holiday. Happy Travelling!

relaxing in Australia

relaxing in Australia

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