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Why using Twitter on holiday spoils the experience

I have long been addicted to Twitter; I still am – it has helped me get things off my chest, especially when I was recently stranded in Holland. I love that I can share my life with people that are interested, post holiday photos when travelling, but I do believe that it spoils the travel experience.



Why using Twitter on holiday spoils the experience

Distracted means you’ll miss a lot

When you are travelling around, taking photos, typing tweets, and recording videos you miss so much of the destination. I remember going to Berlin in 2009, and came home disappointed that I missed out places such as checkpoint Charlie, and numerous museums.

Getting the most out of your holiday

In May I went on a press trip with British airways to New York, and I had 1 full day, and a morning to see the tourist attractions that I had included on my “must visit” list. The roaming charges were expensive, but it meant I hardly used my mobile and ticked off every place on my list.

Using social networks can make you antisocial

Rather than wandering around the streets getting lost, finding places that you would never think about visiting, you end up asking people on Twitter where the best places are. I spent more time looking at my mobile, instead of communicating with people, especially locals, who can be incredibly helpful.

Those are my experiences, but of course, I am interested to hear what you think about Twitter. Also, have a read of this excellent article by Eric Felten on the Wall Street journal about how networking tools are making us antisocial. An interesting read.

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