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Will luxury travel struggle in 2011?

It’s a question I have asked myself as I wondered around the high-street of my home city of Leeds. I don’t know about where you live but any empty shop space has been taken over by discount shops. You only have to look at the emergence of sites like Groupon to realise that people are watching their spending.



Will luxury travel struggle in 2011?

Consumers cagey about spending

So I am left thinking will luxury travel struggle this year, as more of us are being cagey about our spending. Will more consumers opt for that cheap hotel or package holiday, rather than splashing out on a luxury villa, or 4/5-star hotel?

The increase in VAT surely will have an impact on the price of holidays.

Has your spending limit changed?

I am not the type of traveller to spend huge amounts of money on a hotel, or first class flight, so I am not the person to ask if my spending will change this year. I will probably spend more time travelling in the UK than abroad, but the weather will play a part.

So, I am interested to hear what you think – will you be spending less on your holiday, and do you think the luxury travel sector will be affected?

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