24 Hours in Zagreb Things to Do

24 Hours in Zagreb – Things to Do

The vibrant and rich in culture capital of Croatia, Zagreb can fill your life with taste, art, culture, history, fun and friends within 24 hours!

24 Hours in Zagreb - Things to Do

Morning in Zagreb

The morning glory is always ready to welcome the visitors with a cup of coffee. Croatians love coffee and this is how the day starts in Zagreb.

Croatian Coffee

The hot coffee in a variety of flavours will prepare you to survive the day and enjoy the life in Zagreb at its fullest.

Sitting at the Flower Square in Zagreb, sip your coffee while seeing how life breathes in the city.


Move to the heart and soul of the city next and head towards Dolac Market. Cheese, cream, corn bread, you will find a variety of foods. Pick what attracts you and have the best breakfast of your life in Zagreb.


Now that you had your breakfast, it would be great if you analyze the city on the mini-me model of Zagreb at the corner of the Cesarčeva and Bakačeva Street.  Plan your routes through the streets of Zagreb with the help of this scaled model.


Next, walk to the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary also known as Zagreb Cathedral. The artwork in the cathedral can lure you to stay there for a while.


By now, it’s time to visit the Upper Town through the Stone Gate.  It is said to be one of the oldest entrances to the Upper Town. The Tkalciceva Street offers you to have the exact idea of time with the help of the famous Sun Clock. The clock was built in 1955 by Bozidar Jusic.


The city of Zagreb owns an age-old painting of Our Lady. It is maintained at the Stone Gate.

The Upper Town offers a history of the city. Church of Saint Mark is a prominent sight on the way.

Church of Saint Mark

It’s Afternoon

By the time you are done with the upper town, it will be lunch time. Zagorje turkey with dried flatbread is the traditional and favourite meal for Zagrebians. Serve your taste buds at a hotel nearby.

afternoon in zagreb

After lunch, take a walk down the Park Zrinjevac. Moving down, stop by the Esplanade Hotel and try ‘strukle’ – the famous dessert of the city.


Once done with the dessert, walk towards the Museum of Arts and Crafts. You can have a copy of platter that depicts the triumphs of Bacchus and Ariadne.

Croatia_Zagreb_Museum_of_Arts_and_Crafts_1812 (1)

The Croatian National Theatre is close to the museum. You’ll get to witness an architectural delight there with the famous wall fountain known as The Source of Life.

Croatian National Theatre

Events in the Evening

As dark approaches the streets of Zagreb, life can be witnessed at its peak in the spirits of Zagrebians. The buzz in the air goes to the next level and people can be seen in bars and clubs socializing and enjoying concerts.


People in Zagreb love to socialize. You might end up befriending some good lad.

Time to Say Goodbye

The day is over, but before you say goodbye to the lovely city, don’t forget to visit the main square. Visit the central monument of the square.


Give cheers to the statue of Ban Jelacic. Pick a handful of Croatian Kras Chocolate from a candy store nearby. And bid your farewell to the city by visiting the Mandusevac Fountain.



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