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5 Ways to Make Your Vacations Memorable in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is is capital of Argentina and it’s one of the most glamorous cities in the entire Latin America. This twin-city has fascinating history and culture. In fact, you will find an amazing blend of Latin and European culture here. If you are planning to visit Buenos Aires, be sure to learn about Buenos Aires climate. If it’s summer in USA, then it’s going to be chilling winter in Buenos Aires. So be sure you come prepared for the weather.


When you are in Buenos Aires, you are sure to catch one of those soccer winning parades. They are very much part of Latin America. But there is a lot more to this beautiful city. Here are some of the ways you can turn ordinary vacations into memorable one in Buenos Aires.

5- Be a Boca fan and enjoy Buenos Aires like never before

boca juniors fans buenos aires
Boca Juniors fans on match day

If you have been to Buenos Aires before and you just saw some places, had great food in a Buenos Aires restaurant and saw some historical places, then you missed the real thing here. You missed being part of the Boca culture. You didn’t enjoy being with the tribal soccer fans – something that will remind you about Argentina even years after you have left the country.

boca juniors parade in buenos aires
Boca Juniors parade in buenos aires

Watch a game between Boca Juniors and Rover Plate. Wear the Boca fans dress and typical yellow hats and go to the game a few hours earlier. You will see the real South American football/soccer culture at its best.

4- Try exploring different kind of food

intestine buenos aires
You can try Intestines in Buenos Aires

When I saw ‘different kind of food’, I mean it. You can try plenty of different food items in this beautiful Argentinian city. Here you can eat glands and even intestines. Although the physical appearance of such food will make you go crazy for a moment, it won’t last forever as you will be lost in the flavor as you take the first bite on an intestine.

best parrillas in buenos aires
Best Parrillas in Buenos Aires

Be sure to take pictures of your food and of yourself while eating it. There is nothing like showing it to your friends when you go back home. I’m sure they are all going to freak out to see what you ate in Buenos Aires.

3- Go to a love hotel

Now this might not be in your list especially if you have a girlfriend already, there is no harm in checking out arguably the best lovemaking place in the world. When you get to a hotel with neon lights in Buenos Aires, you are treated to ultimate frolicking. There are water beds in there and the walls and ceilings are mirrored so that you can see yourself when in there – definitely without your clothes.

love hotels in buenos aires

These places are known as telos in local language. You can tell about a telo by simply looking at the neon signs. If there is a notice on the door that says your privacy will be honored, you can walk in without fear.

2- Go to a religious park

jesus-birth-religious park in buenos aires

I know a religious park doesn’t sound like a vacation destination but you will know what I mean when you go to Tierra Santa. This is the first religious park in the world and there you see things that your eyes can’t believe. For example, in the middle of the park, a plastic Jesus rises our of earth every other hour. Religious people will find it extremely comforting to see all such religious signs. For someone non-religious, it could still be fascinating to see how a park might look when religion has taken over it instead of nature.

Jesus Christ in Buenos Aires
Jesus Christ in Buenos Aires

If you enjoy your visit to the religious park, be sure to explore other religious sites in the city. There are number of them and all of them are worth visiting.

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1- Go bird watching

bird watching buenos aires
There are more than 200 bird species in the city

When you’re tired with the city noise and pollution, it’s time to go away from the city and enjoy a picnic. There are many parks and picnic spots in Buenos Aires where you can see hundreds of different bird species.

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