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A consumer’s view of the collapse of Goldtrail

My email inbox has gone crazy since the collapse of tour operator, Goldtrail. Again, like XL, and the glut of other collapses, there are many questions left unanswered. A number of consumers have asked why less than 24 hours before Goldtrail collapsed, were they still accepting bookings.


A consumer’s view of the collapse of Goldtrail

CAA predictions not much help to consumers

Read the travel industry press, and like me, you will be outraged to read that and some agencies stopped taking Goldtrail bookings months ago. According to Travel Weekly, only this month, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) predicted “the collapse of a tour operator to the Eastern Med later this year”.

So, has the CAA learnt anything from previous travel collapses? It would seem not.

Poor consumer experience

I do not know how the travel industry works, but what I do know is that a number of travel agencies made the decision to stop selling Goldtrail holidays, yet, no one have appeared to step in and investigate why. You only have to read the reviews and posts on forums about consumer’s experiences with Goldtrail to see that they were problems.

All talk no action

Is this going to be another travel collapse that is swept under the carpet, or, is something going to happen so that consumers can continue to trust their travel agent when booking a holiday? This trust will diminish, if agents are selling holidays, knowing, that the tour operator or provider is struggling financially.

Travel agents attitude towards non package holidays

I also do not like this attitude from some travel agents towards consumers who have booked a non package holiday, that those consumers deserve everything they get. You should be financially protected no matter how you have booked your holiday, or how much it cost.

Lessons learnt from the collapse

Surely, any doubt whatsoever that a tour operator is struggling financially should be investigated.

It was refreshing to read an article by Travel Weekly that told it as it is and I would like to read more of this. I am interested to read comments from people, who work within the industry, do not be shy, what lessons need to be learnt from the collapse of Goldtrail.

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