Air passengers face higher tax from airports in SE England

I’m a few days late writing about this but the Telegraph reported that passengers flying from Heathrow and other airports in south-east England could face extra taxes under Government proposals to deter people from using crowded airport terminals.

Airports in England
Airports in England

Air passengers face higher tax from airports in SE England

Madness or does it make sense

This is to supposedly stop people from people flying from the airports in the south-east. I am sure the likes of P&O and Eurostar are rubbing their hands at the thought of more passengers heading their way – and won’t other airports not just get as overcrowded as people decide to fly elsewhere?

Birmingham the new Heathrow

It’s not like the airports in the UK have great public transport links – from reading various reports I am led to believe that hundreds of domestic and European flights will also be taken out of Heathrow with Birmingham used as a London “overspill” airport.

Maybe Birmingham could do a better job in the bad weather, huh?

Boycott or just pay extra taxes

Does this make sense to anyone? It just seems another way that the government can take more tax off travellers. Would an extra tax stop you from flying from South-East airports? Would you get the ferry or train to Europe instead?

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