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Airports please treat passengers like humans

It is sad to see passengers sleeping on floors, queuing for hours no organisation and a complete lack of information. I realise the weather is bad, but if you have people at the airport who are stranded you should do everything you can do to make sure that they have at minimum a bed, food and drink.

Airport Screening Program
Airport Screening Program

Airports please treat passengers like humans

Sleeping on airport floor is not humane

My gripe isn’t that flights have been cancelled, that’s understandable – safety is of paramount experience. My issue is having passengers of all ages sleeping on airport floors because they have not been able to pay the ludicrous airport hotels around Gatwick and Heathrow have been charging.

Air passengers interviewed on the TV have suggested that some hotels have profiteered from the bad weather – this I find disgusting.

Lack of information a problem once a again

British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and British Airport Authority have Chief Executives who are making a fortune, yet, the organisation at airports like Heathrow and Gatwick has been diabolical. Please do not try and make the situation seem better by telling us that passengers will not loose their money and that they will be able to rebook for another date.

No planning and why not use London hotels?

We have seen hundreds of people sleeping on floors of airports like homeless people, no care or consideration have been given whatsoever. How many hotels are they in London? Why couldn’t the airports and BAA not have moved people into hotels and given them some food and drink until the situation is clearer?

Treat humans like humans please

Should people be made to sleep on the floor in an airport – these people are humans, treat them that way please. I realise that the weather has been exceptional, but was it not predicted? It hasn’t come as a complete surprise to people.

UK airports are a joke abroad

Scandinavian airports have to cope with this (and more) snow every day – and I know this is because our winter is not predictable – it’s time for the aviation industry and the government to put hands in pockets and hire, purchase equipment that is going to through us through the winter.

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