Ban kids on flights – adult only flights please!

There’s nothing worse than boarding the place for an 11-hour long haul flight to find that you are sat near to a baby or toddler that is continuously crying and screaming, even the best noise reduction headphones will not block out the noise. You really have no choice but to sit there and pray that they fall asleep soon.


Ban kids on flights – adult only flights please!

Adult-only flights

A recent article on Travelmole caught my attention because it highlighted that 83% of a travel poll (which I never trust) said that they would prefer an adult-only airline where kids are banned.

Flying is part of the holiday experience and let’s be honest who wants to come off a long-haul flight all stressed out because you’ve had a kid yelling in your ear for 11 hours.

Flying experience improved

Obviously, I do not have kids, so I cannot comment how stressful it must be to be sat on a plane with a baby or toddler screaming next to you, but flying without the kicking on my seat sounds the perfect start to a relaxing holiday.

Adults can act like kids

That said, some adults can act like kids and creating an adults only flight will attract the same passengers who drink themselves stupid and act like complete morons on the flight. What do you think though, should we have adult only flights, will airlines offer this type of flight experience I wonder though?

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