Befriending Bermuda

I’m back. After a sleepless week trying to adjust to the North American time-zone post-China, the winds are taking me to an admittedly very different looking place. I’m sitting in an airport lounge in Newark, New Jersey on the way to the stately island of Bermuda and its sandy beaches, plush resorts and old-style English charm.

From the urban sprawl of Shanghai and its street-vendors to the refined elegance of an English island paradise – I’m sure that the contrast will be striking.

I must admit to some apprehensions about Bermuda, if that’s possible. I’m sure that it will be beautiful, clean and just sumptuous. But it’s just that in general I am more attracted to the French or Italian temperaments rather than etiquette at tea-time. Just a few weeks ago I was dancing in Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic, out on a town which was really rocking. There the Dominicans danced as a matter of course, and there was an ease in their manner that was really appealing. The English, in contrast, have a different humor and manner. So it’s time to adapt. Maybe Bermuda is more like Monaco, which I did enjoy precisely for its glamor, its sparkling streets and sidewalks, clean buildings and beautiful vistas. Like Monaco, Bermuda is not vast, and I’m looking forward to being able to bike or moped around the place. So, let’s befriend Bermuda, this haven north of the Carribean.

Airport Lounge:
Continental Airlines Presidents Club Lounge
Newark Liberty International Airport
Newark, New Jersey
Cultural Navigator rating: 7/10The lounge is spacious and offers a fine view of parked aircraft of Continental’s fleet. The airport itself is rather loud and crowded, so I was really happy to take a break here, and was most pleased that they actually let me in! The lounge offers internet access, newspapers, refreshments – although food is limited to the likes of toasted bagels, English muffins, coffee and apples. The lounge does have four showers – which is nice if you’re on a long-haul flight.

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