Beijing Bike Tours

Beijing Bike Tours – Tips for the Adventurous

Beijing Bike Tours Tips – Beijing is a wonderful city to explore, from historical places to new developments ready for Olympics 2008. One of the best ways to explore them besides going all the way on foot is to get on a sturdy bicycle.

The bicycle is .the most popular mode of transportation in China, though it is decreasing due to people opting for public buses and cars.

Beijing Bike Tours
Beijing Bike Tours

However for tourists in Beijing when time is not so tight, it is great to cycle and explore at the same time.

One thing is for sure if you cycle, you will not gain that much weight from all the wonderful food that you’ll be eating in Beijing.

Should I Ride Alone or with a Tour Group?

A good question…I personally do not recommend first-timer individual or group (though it is better in a group) to ride alone in Beijing. This is especially true if you are not conversant in the Chinese language.

So, what can you do?

Well, you can book yourself a small group bike tours.

These tours allow you to enjoy the sights at historical sites and exotic villages. You also have more time take photographs or shoot a video to upload in Flickr and Youtube.

Beijing Bike Tours1
Beijing Bike Tours1

Do not worry that you’ll be rushed in such group tours. Such small group tours are supposed to move at a moderate pace. So, enjoy the ride!

Why you need a Guide?

First of all, a good bilingual guide will help you with the Chinese language and provide booking of hotel services. Your guide will also custom-design your group’s cycling schedules with you, especially if you have certain needs or places you really want to visit.

Where to get your Bikes?

You can rent mountain bikes in Beijing for a reasonable cost. Of course, you can lug over your set of wheels.

There are also electric bikes for some of you who would rather enjoy the sights without getting too tired.

mountain bikes in Beijing
mountain bikes in Beijing

Cost of Beijing Bike Tours

What’s the damage? Well not much. The usual rate is about US$100 to 200 per day for a guide, hotel, group meals, other transportation, entry fees, etc.

It is advisable and more fun to find a group to travel with. And it helps to lower the cost too.

What are you waiting for?

Ride on!

Beijing Bike Tours2
Beijing Bike Tours2

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