Beijing China Great Wall

Beijing China Great Wall – Info for First Timer

Beijing China Great Wall – “Did you climb the Great Wall of China in Beijing?”

This is the first question anyone will ask you when you return home from Beijing.

I guess everyone is curious about the Great Wall. Why in the world should Chinese spend so much time and money on building a Wall?

Beijing China Great Wall
Beijing China Great Wall

Beijing China Great Wall

Well, do you know that … …

the Great Wall was built by over 1,000,000 people?
it was built nearly 2,200 years ago?
it is the biggest man-made structure in the world?
if we use the construction material of the Great Wall to build a road (with the width: 10m/11yards, thick: 35cm/1.2 feet), the road can circle the Earth TWICE?
some people have proclaimed that the Great Wall can been seen by the naked eye from the Moon?
the total length of the Great Wall is over 50,000 km?

Well, I am now putting all those questions to rest by writing about the Beijing China GREAT WALL as intensely as I can. I will do the extra research for those who are into the history and trivia nuggets about the WALL in the forthcoming weeks.

Beijing China Great Wall1
Beijing China Great Wall1

So, be patient.

Before we climb the Beijing China Great Wall (virtually) together, let’s take a peek at what’s in store for you if you choose the miss the greatest travel experience of anyone’s lifetime – The Great Wall of China!

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