Beijing Dating Tips

Beijing Dating Tips – Dr. Love at Your Service!

Beijing Dating Tips – Today, I will be revealing tips and tricks to get the girl/s of your dream (dear ladies, I will get back to you once I get someone who knows how to pick up guys…it’s much simpler, though!) in Beijing.
Dating Beijing Dr. Love at Your Service

Beijing Dating Tips
Beijing Dating Tips

As a foreigner in Beijing who has gone through the highs and lows of dating here, I have loads to impart. There are ways and there are ways when it comes to hooking up your Asian dream gal (remember, I married a local Chinese girl so I have the right to brag!).

As today is my first installment on Beijing dating tips, I will start Beijing Dating with where to meet girls in Beijing

Let’s get to the Top Three Tips of Beijing Dating

1. You have a GIFT that many Chinese girls are eager to have! No, not that! I am talking about ENGLISH! I have been able to get girls here just because of my English ability. And that’s besides the point that I look like a cross between Brad Pitt and Mickey Mouse.

So naturally, I make use of what I have. And the best place to hang out and show off your English must be the English Corners at the various Universities in Beijing.

To first-timers here, an English Corner is a scheduled day and time whereby many Chinese undergraduates (especially girls!) will crowd around in a corner of their University campus to practice English with anyone.

Now, do you get the picture, Desperados?

You’re a hot property there!

You are Tom Cruise!

Show me the Girls!!

girls in beijing
girls in beijing

Note: My personal favorite University campuses are Beijing Normal University and Beijing Foreign Studies University. Don’t take my wordfor it. Explore!

2. People who learn English buy books…yes, the Bookshop, dumbo! Please be smart enough to walk to the English Language Section. Need I say more?

3. I know most guys see the pubs and bars as great pickup joints in the West. But in Beijing, I have to say that most girls I have picked up before in those places are not highly recommended.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a prude. My ex-girlfriend is a strip-tease dancer (just joking and again, there’s nothing wrong with that too).

However, if you are that inclined to have a beer and chat with some local girls, here are some places you can go. A longer list will surface when I am covering a report on watering holes soon.

Here’s my favorite 3 (A note to my wife: I don’t pick up girls anymore as you’re simply the best!)

girls in beijing1
girls in beijing1

Logos Bar Women’s Street. Mon-Fri after 5:00pm, all soft drinks/coffee at half price. Business hours: 6:00pm-3:00am. TEL: + 86 10 8448 0880.

The Icehouse Dong’an Men Dajie Xipei Lou 53. Blues club and open till 2am. Tel: + 86 10 6522 1389.

Covent Garden Pub and Restaurant, 325 – 329 Hui Jing Da Dao, De Bao Hua Yuan, Shiqiao, Panyu. Tel: + 86 10 8461 2088

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