Beijing Duck Restaurants – Quan Ju De Roast Duck

Beijing Duck Restaurants Guide:

I love Beijing Roast Duck or Peking Duck!

There’s nothing better than wrapping slices of succulent roast duck meat and crispy skin in a paper-thin pastry with a tinge of sweet sauce.

slices of succulent roast duck
slices of succulent roast duck

It’s heavenly!

There’s not much point in describing what Peking Duck is all about. You just have to taste it to believe it.

And in Beijing, you have the restaurant to serve you the BEST Peking Duck in the whole of China and the world!

The name of this restaurant – Quan Ju De Peking Duck Restaurant


There are many Beijing Duck Restaurants throughout Beijing but when you have important guest and friends, there’s no better place than Quan Ju De

Anyway, many Presidents from various countries (including a few from USA) have been invited by Chinese government officials to dine at Quan Ju De.

So, my business clients feel good whenever I bring them there.

It means “You are Royalty to Me!” and it’s OK with me as I get repeated business with them…hehehe.

Quan Ju De Restaurant was founded in 1864 and most people believe that the recipe for Peking Duck was originated from here. I heard from a local that there is a Quan Ju De Academy to train students how to roast a perfect Peking Duck.

Quan Ju De Peking Duck Restaurant
Quan Ju De Peking Duck Restaurant

Quan Ju De

I guess with the long history and hype around this restaurant, it is no wonder that Quan Ju De’s Peking Duck is hailed as the “King of Chinese Cuisine” by most travelers.

The decor of Quan Ju De at the original QianMen branch is traditional Oriental style. It kind of reminded me of old 60-70s style Kung Fu movies. A bit kitsch for my liking but hey it’s the duck I am here for and not a lesson on interior decoration.

As for the food, the only thing I ever order is Peking Duck and nothing else. I am a food connoisseur and I will not spoil my palate for the so-called “normal” dishes.

One word about their Peking Duck – FANTASTIC!

I have nothing else to say. Serious!

They are that good!

However, not everything in Quan Ju De Restaurant is first-class.

One thing for sure – the service sucks!

My waitress kept trying to urge me to order other dishes and it really got on my nerves. She was so pushy that I had to leave the table on the pretext to go to the Gents.

Quan Ju De
Quan Ju De


I have another complaint and this is common amongst my foreign friends. The menu is only in Chinese and I wonder why when there are so many foreign customers eating there.

So, for you guys who don’t know Chinese language, just say: “Wo Yao Peking Kao Ya!” (I want Peking Roast Duck!) to the waitress.

What’s the damage?

It’s about USD $30 for a whole Peking Duck with the pastry to wrap the meat in. It will probably need 3-4 people to finish a whole duck.

So, bring your friends along and share the cost.

Beijing Duck Restaurants – Quan Ju De Roast Duck

Peking Duck
Peking Duck

Where’s the place?

There are a few branches but I beg you to try the Original Quan Ju De Restaurant at No. 32, Qianmen Avenue.

Well, Bush and Castro have eaten their ducks there, so why not.

Contact them at Tel: (86) 010–67011379, 65112418 to reserve a table.

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