Beijing Nightlife

Beijing Nightlife – Recommended Nightlife Spots for Foreigners in Beijing!

Beijing Nightlife – First of all, I am not a wild party animal. I do party but not as hard as some of my mates. This is especially true whenI compare myself with a friend of mine in Shanghai – affectionatelyknown as “DJ Wildchild”. He also happens to be the Webmaster of this very interesting website Travel Shanghai Info. Visit this site when you are visiting Shanghai.

Beijing Nightlife
Beijing Nightlife

As DJ Wildchild is a frequent guest of mine in Beijing (to the chagrin of my wife!), I have asked him to give his recommendations for Best Discotheque, Jazz Clubs and KTV in Beijing. And I know he will do the Beijing Nightlife Review more justice than me.

So, thanks DJ Wildchild!

Main Bar Street Areas in Beijing

Sanlitun Bars

List of Night-spots in Sanlitun

Shishahai Bars

List of Night-spots in Houhai

Chaoyang Park Bars

List of Night-spots in Chaoyang Park

Other Clubs/Bars Recommended by DJ Wildchild

GT Banana Club

GT BANANA – Recommended by DJ Wildchild

China Doll Club

CHINA DOLL – Recommended by DJ Wildchild

Top Beijing Jazz Clubs

East Shore Jazz Club

East Shore Jazz Club

CD Jazz Cafe

Beijing CD Jazz Cafe

Best Disco/Bar/ Pubs to Meet Girls

Beijing Nightlife Girls

BAR BLU – Recommended by DJ Wildchild

Now, what’s Beijing Nightlife all about?

Every Friday and Saturday night, there are parties happening everywhere in Beijing. At around 9 pm, you can witness many people gathering from every corner of the city, and jiving their way into the hundreds of discotheques, bars, night clubs, jazz clubs and Karaoke KTV dispersed in several well-known bar street areas here.

Party time in Beijing
Party time in Beijing

Best of all, almost all of them are packed with people, both locals and foreigners. Beijing and China in general are no more the conservative place of yesteryears. Since the opening of the Chinese economy in 1978 by Deng Xiao Ping, there is an increased in the influx of Western products and ideas into China.

And the ART OF PARTYING in no different!

Thanks to the increasingly open Chinese society, more and more trendy young people are spending their spare time in bars and night-spots. Having a night-life is no more a social taboo (in the past, those who visit disco and bars are seen as deviant pseudo-Western rebels!) and this rings true as many new nightspots are being established on weekly basis in Beijing!

History of Beijing Nightlife

DJ Wildchild is very into club culture – he is a professor in Sociology and Pop Culture – told me that Beijing’s nightlife kicked off almost a decade ago. It started with two youngsters who invested 100,000 yuan (about US$13,000)and opened the first ever bar in the Sanlintun street, called Yunsheng Bar.

With the success of that bar, more and more people started to invest in establishing nightspots and the street was soon filled with bistros and martini bars.

Beijing Nightlife4
Beijing Nightlife4

That’s why Sanlitun is known as the original Bar Street of Beijing!

Today the Sanlitun area still continues draw the crowds – local and foreign expats/ tourists alike. Over the past years, similar nightspot-strips have sprouted like mushrooms in many areas like Houhai and Chaoyang Park.

Best of all, many top international DJs have played in Beijing including Paul Oakenfold, DJ Tiesto and DJ Qbert, to name a few.


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