shops in Wang Fu Jing

Beijing Shopping Guide – Let’s Go Shop!

Beijing Shopping Guide – I am not the best person to talk about shopping. My wife is. So, here’s her recommendation for best places to shop in Beijing. So, this is a couple’s effort for all of you.

Let’s go Shop!

shops in Wang Fu Jing
shops in Wang Fu Jing

Without a doubt, both of us love shopping at all the shops in Wang Fu Jing. I guess this place holds a place in our hearts as we met each other here. This is place where our eyes met and hearts go racing. This is also the place where I said my first “Hello” and….

I guess I have a bad habit of digressing from the main issue here.

Beijing Shopping Guide Choice 1: Shopping Wang Fu Jing Street

Wang Fu Jing

About shopping in Wang Fu Jing, you can get pretty much whatever you want especially designer’s labels, expensive crystal wares, luxury watches and more.

On my first rip there, I was so happy to find a Paul Smith shop for Men’s wear. I dress cool if you need to ask. The price is about 1000 rmb and above for most stuff. I guess you pay for the quality and design genius of Pail Smith.

My wife loves shopping for her clothes at Mango as it is considered a chic label in Beijing. She loves buying Mango short skirts to show off her long and beautiful legs (she forced me to write this!).

Shopping Wang Fu Jing Street
Shopping Wang Fu Jing Street

Of course, you can also find your Chanel, Dior and more at Wang Fu Jing.

Before I forget, I can have great food from my home country, Singapore here. There’s Prima Restaurant that sells Chicken Rice and Chili Crabs (favorite food of Singaporeans), Crystal Jade Chinese Restaurant and Bee Hock Cheng, Singapore’s very own dried pork slices specialist.

I guess I shop at Wang Fu Jing rather frequently to satisfy my appetite for comfort food rather than shopping.

In a nutshell, all of you must come to Wang Fu Jing for a visit and you’ll grow to love the all-in-one-shopping experience here.

Beijing Shopping Guide Choice 2: The Xidan Market


Another place that we do shopping is at Xidan. It is west of Tiananmen Square and it is surrounded by quite a few big malls, situated near a substation.

For us, we love shopping at the nearby market for pirated DVDs and CDs (ok, I know it’s not ethically right but at about USD1 for a new DVD movie, eat me!).

Xi Dan

 The Xidan Market
The Xidan Market

There are also many places to buy cheap fake designer’s labels. Yes I have seen a Paul Smith fake here too. Not forgetting North Face jackets and retro-looking 70s style Nike shoes. And yes, I do buy them!

One thing to note is that BARGAINING is highly encouraged when you’re shopping at the markets and the smaller shops.

I guess I will wrap up today’s article abruptly as my wife is waiting fro me to go shopping together at Wang Fu Jing.

There will be more info on shopping in Beijing in the near future.

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The Xidan Market1
The Xidan Market1

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