Beijing Sichuan Restaurant

Beijing Sichuan Restaurant – Yu Xin Sichuan Restaurant

Beijing Sichuan Restaurant – I love hot and spicy food!

Being from Singapore, I have a wide variety of food to choose as Singapore multicultural. We have good Chinese, Malay, Indian and Western food. And with Malay and Indian food, hot and spicy is the order of the day. Thus, I eat chili almost everyday and still do in China.

Beijing Sichuan Restaurant
Beijing Sichuan Restaurant

During my first trip here, after a few days of good but not-so-exciting food (not spicy!), I asked around my backpacker friends for some spicy food in Beijing.

All I heard was “Sichuan! Sichuan!”

And that’s how I started my “tour of duty” of Sichuan restaurants in Beijing.

Yu Xin Sichuan Restaurant

There are many Sichuan restaurants in Beijing but not all of them do suit my taste buds. Why? Some of these Sichuan restaurants put too much “Ma” spices (“Ma” means numbing) in their dishes.

You will probably hate it too as it’s like having too much wasebi up your nose!

So when you are in a Sichuan Restaurant, please tell the waiter – “Shao Ma, Wo Pa La!” in Chinese (that literally means “Less Ma (Numbing spices), I am afraid of spices!”)

Okay, let’s get to my favorite Sichuan Restaurant in Beijing.

Beijing Sichuan Restaurant1
Beijing Sichuan Restaurant1

After much debates with my wife, our choice for Best Beijing Sichuan Restaurant is Yu Xin Sichuan Restaurant at the Chang’an Grand Theatre.

I have to admit that it was a tussle between Yu Xin and another favorite of mine, Sichuan Dou Hua Restaurant (they have a branch in Singapore and it is really good). However, after comparing value-for-money, YuXin won by a nose.

Now, why is Yu Xin our favorite Sichuan restaurant in Beijing?

Of course, good and spicy food!

What should you order if it is your first time there?

My recommended dishes:

– Kung Pao Chicken (“Kong Bao Ji Ding”)

– Spicy Bean Curd (“Ma La Dou Fu”, remember to say “Shao Ma, wo pa la!”)

– Sliced pork boiled with red pepper and soy bean sprout (“Shui Zhu Rou Pian”)

– Double-cooked Pork (“Hui Guo Rou”)

– With rice (“Mi Fan”), of course!

Sliced pork boiled
Sliced pork boiled

Yu Xin Sichuan Restaurant

Though the recommended dishes are quite common in most Sichuan restaurants, Yu Xin chef does it better than the rest. My friend from Sichuan (ok, my ex-girlfriend) told me that the food here is very authentic and taste like her mum’s cooking.

I guess that’s the best compliment you can give to a restaurant unless your mum cooks like mine!

In addition to the delicious food, the customer service is good (not great) and they know their menu well. The restaurant is always busy, so come early or book a table especially for dinner.

Please book a PRIVATE ROOM (or in Chinese, “Bao Fang”) for more privacy when you are inviting several guests to eat there. It is usual for a Chinese restaurant to be noisy with all the “Gan Bei” (bottoms up) at almost every table.

So, what’s the damage?

Very affordable at 20-30 RMB (USD 3-5) per person and you can really eat to your heart’s content.

Where’s the place?

Kung Pao Chicken
Kung Pao Chicken

Please check out the Chang’an Grand Theater Branch as they are more reliable.

Beijing Sichuan Restaurant – Yu Xin Sichuan Restaurant

Address: A5 Xing Fu Yi Cun Xi Li, Gong Ti Bei Lu, Chaoyang District

Tel: 010-6415 8108

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