Beijing Tourist Information – The Facts for First-timer

Beijing Tourist Information – Are you planning a trip to Beijing or other cities in China? First time? Well, this is the right page! I will be covering some facts that you must know about Beijing before you embark on your trip.

beijing first timer


The info here is meant to be short and concise. If you want more info of a particular subject, I will try my best to write more indepth stuff on a daily basis.

Be patient. I am the only writer and webmaster here. This is not your average commercial website with a team of writers churning out stuff with loads of advertisements.

It’s only me and I hope you do appreciate the friendship and the candid style of writing about a city I have really grown to love – Beijing!

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Here is Beijing Tourist Information just for YOU:

Population: Beijing: 13 million

Language: Chinese (regional variations)

Time Zone: GMT + 8 hours. The whole of China is set to Beijing Time.

Climate: Beijing’s Spring is dry and windy and Summer is hot and humid. Autumn offers the best weather, with generous sunshine. In winter, the city is severely affected by cold winds from Siberia.

Government: Communist state.

Airport: Beijing Capital International Airport (about 40 minutes’ ride from the city center)

Flight Time: 10 Hours from London

Visas: L-visas for single or multiple entry for tourists are valid for 30 to 60 days. F-visas for business travel can be valid up to 6 months but may require the visitor to leave every 30 days.

Currency: CNY (Ren Min Bi / RMB)

Credit Cards: American Express, Diner’s Club, Federal Card, JCB, MasterCard and Visa are accepted at major hotels, restaurants and shops.

Tipping: Not expected in mainland China.

Electricity: Voltage is 220 volts, 50 cycles. Get the right adapter when you’re traveling to China

tourism in Beijing
tourism in Beijing

Useful Numbers:

Police: 110

Fire Department: 119

Ambulance: 120

Tourist Hotline: 6513-0828

Local directory assistance: 114 (Chinese); 2689-0114 (English)

International directory assistance: 100

Visa Card Hotline: 010-800-110-2911

MasterCard Hotline: 010-800-110-7309 (only in certain provinces)

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