Kadimakara Australia

Big Thing Far North Queensland – Kadimakara

The Plaque nearby has this information for visitors to read.

‘Kadimakara’ was constructed by a world reknown Japanese sculptor, Mr Mitsuaki Tanabe to draw attention to the the need to conserv the last remaining areas of wild rice in the world.

Kadimakara, Australia
Kadimakara, Australia

It is situated in the Mareeba Tropical Savannah and Wetland Reserve, one of the only small number of areas in the world which supports pure wild rice, which predates and is uncontaminated by commercial rice.

The sculpture has been kindly donated by the artist to Ausralia and its people.

The sculpture is made of stainless steel, is approximately19 metres long, 11.36 metres wide and over 2 metres high at the head. It weighs in eccess of 10 tonne.

Mr Tanabe was supported in this project by the Rotary Club of Shizuoka in Japan in District 2620. The five sections of the sculpture were transported from Japan in two large comtainers and the Rotary Club of Mareeba of District 9550, under the guidance of Mt Tanabe, reassembled the lizard in its new home at the Mareeba Wetlands Reserve. It was officially unveiled on Saturday 17th June 2006 by its creator and by the Hon. Warren Entsch, Federal member for Leichhardt.

The Rotaty Club of Mereeba is proud to be involved in placing this sculpture in our district highlighting the vital importance of biodiversity and the conservation of genetic diversity.

Photos and Infomation supplied by a reader – Thanks

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